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Jiang Hu trusted him, though not all, but he told Li Wu a lot of things, including why he would provoke Qin Ruyi. Disha came to him on his own initiative and asked him to cooperate with them, but he refused to say that he would cooperate with them, only occasionally. With the strength of Jiang Hu, there is no way to resist the evil religion. The tragedy of Bafangzhuang is still vivid in his mind. He doesn't want to let himself and Mrs. Jiang become like that. As long as it's not a threat, he can only let them go. Later, however, it was a little strange. The leader of the Disha Sect suddenly sent a letter to Jiang Hu, saying that Qin Ruyi would come to Taizhou for the invitation of the Wulin Congress. The letter also said that he wanted to kill Qin Ruyi, and if he failed, he and Mrs. Jiang would die. It was the sand kite and the floating rubbings who sent this letter. When Jiang Hu was in Bafangzhuang, he looked down on Qin Ruyi, but Qin Zizhen had only one son left in the world after all. However, if he does not listen to the teachings of the earth, he and his wife will die. But Jiang Hu knew in his heart that no matter Qin Ruyi died or not, he could not escape and could only try his best to keep his wife. As for Qin Zizhen's kindness, he could only return it from the Sword Spectrum of the Qin Family, which he had asked for from the Disha Sect. Jiang Huguan Shen Jiahe, led Qin Ruyi, made so many tricks,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, just to mess things up. He could see that although the religious leader had sent two people to help him, they had no intention of killing Qin Ruyi, that is to say, he was only the scapegoat chosen by the religious leader, in order to cover up the person who really colluded with the evil religion. However, he could not say these words to Qin Ruyi, and could only follow the meaning of the letter to confront him. The more you mess things up, the more chances you have. Jiang Hu had already asked Li Wu to take Mrs. Jiang away and settle her down. He only hoped that his death would bring back the lives of his wife and son. Jiang Hu had already ordered the funeral,water filling machine, and as soon as he died, Li Wu would ascend the throne and become the head of the Black Flower Villa. And Jiang Hu also asked, let Li Wu and he draw a line, especially to teach things, to completely as I don't know, all put on the body of the dead, so as to keep the black flower village. Jiang Hu did not throw away the letter sent by the religious leader, but asked Li Wu to hide it just in case. When Fu Tuo took the place of Li Wu, he found it in the Black Flower Village and handed it over to the prime minister. Shen Jiahe compared the handwriting of the leader of the alliance and the leader of the sect. Although it was the same person, in order not to be easily distinguished, he should have practiced well, and the handwriting of the two letters was totally different. She propped up her head and thought for a moment, feeling that although the chips in her hands had increased, they were too fragmentary and still not enough. As soon as Qin Ru saw Shen Jiahe staring at the letters, he seemed to have a sad face. "What's the matter?" He asked. Shen Jiahe pushed the letter aside, "I always feel that something is missing.". I'm afraid these letters alone are not enough for a few people. When Qin Ruyi heard this, PET blow moulding machine ,water bottle packaging machine, he thought for a moment and suddenly said, "Why don't we go to Tianmen Village?" Shen Jiahe was stunned. "Tianmen Village?" Qin Ruyi said slowly, "I usually don't care about the account of the leader's expenditure, but Tianmen Village has a special account book." After a pause, he said, "We can check it out. Maybe there will be some clues." (Just Love Net) Chapter one hundred Before going to Tianmen Village, Shen Jiahe went to see Mrs. Jiang and Li Wu in person. The two of them were guarded in different places, but they were not far away, about a quarter of an hour away. Relatively remote location, from the appearance alone is an ordinary small house, in fact, there are guards around. Shen Jiahe had never seen Mrs. Jiang, and for a moment he did not know what to say to her, so he simply did not say anything, but let Qin Ruyi take himself to hide in a hidden place, probably to confirm Mrs. Jiang's appearance and state. Five days before coming here, Shen Jiahe, with the consent of Prime Minister Shen, had sent someone to arrange for Li Wu to see Mrs. Jiang. Naturally, the purpose was to let Li Wu tell her the truth that Jiang Hu did not kill the old Villa Leader. After all, Mrs. Jiang was now isolated and helpless. Compared with outsiders, she still believed more in Li Wu, who was a disciple of Black Flower Villa, even though he was Jiang Hu's trusted subordinate. Of course, Li Wu did not know why Jiang Hu died, and the truth he told Mrs. Jiang was that Shen Jiahe had probably put together the letters between Mrs. Jiang and the leader of the alliance, as well as other information.
Judging from the fact that Mrs. Jiang acted according to the command of the leader of the alliance without any doubt, although she was relatively clear on the point of revenge, she actually had no opinions of her own and was a person who was relatively easy to control and use. What Shen Jiahe wants to do is actually to take advantage of her. Mrs. Jiang suddenly knew that she had been deceived and killed her husband, which was bound to be unbelievable, followed by guilt, chagrin and sadness, and after these emotions, she was at a loss about the future, and five days was almost enough. What Shen Jiahe had to do was to show Mrs. Jiang a way when she was at a loss. Mrs. Jiang sat quietly in the courtyard, holding the half-awake child in her arms. She hummed a tune, held his hand and patted him on the back, as if to coax him to sleep, and looked blankly at the clouds that came and went with the wind. Without makeup, her face was somewhat haggard, and she looked weak, as if she might collapse at any moment. Qin Ruyi looked at it in silence and suddenly asked Shen Jiahe, "Jiang." What will become of Madame? "What will happen next?" Shen Jiahe tilted his head slightly for a moment and replied, "After the martial arts meeting, my father will not detain her any more.". At that time, Li Wu will not sit idly by. Bai Yong attaches great importance to love and righteousness. When he rebuilds the Blue and White Villa, he will certainly take care of the adopted daughter of the old Villa owner and will not let her live a miserable life outside. Qin Ruyi was silent for a moment. He nodded slightly and said softly, "It's all right." Shen Jiahe felt that there was no need to look any further, so he patted Qin Ruyi on the arm and motioned that he could leave. Qin Ruyi hugged her,water bottling line, landed lightly, and then carefully put her down. Shen Jiahe stood in place and looked around. He was a little confused and said, "Where is my dark guard?" Qin Ruyi: ".." Qin Ruyi silently pointed to the towering tree opposite. gzxilinear.com

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