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Although Mei Zhenyi has not been an immortal for a long time, his experience and achievements are far beyond the reach of ordinary immortals. Apart from anything else, he only talks about three things: carrying the precepts of killing and robbing, spreading them in the world of mortals, leading a group of golden immortals and Bodhisattvas into the Kingdom of Heaven to retrieve the Buddha's heart relic, and taking a brick out of the world with the immortal King Zunming. Although it is exaggerated, but the fact is true, the general immortals do not even dare to think about it. For a person like him, what he needs most now is to decline the disturbance and realize the way of heaven in seclusion, in order to achieve the same result of cultivation. He has this opportunity to stop, but he has not yet reached the realm of cultivation. Zhong Liquan punished him to retreat, no matter from all aspects is the best time, Mei Zhenyi to retreat into the deep calm, not just hiding in the mountains do not see outsiders. Before the formal retreat, he called Liu Hai, gave him a drawing and explained one thing, to carry out a "project" in Wuzhou. The scale of this project is not large, the location is outside the backyard of Jingwu Villa, and the disciples are ordered to dig a hole. The pit is semicircular, with the straight side facing south, flush with the wall of the backyard of Jingwu Villa, and the round side facing north. The circle has a diameter of seven Zhangs and a depth of ten Zhangs. This pit is not big, but the difficulty of digging it is quite high. It is impossible for the disciples of Qingyi Sanshan to use the magic power of the immortal family to attract the spirit of the dragon vein. Xu Demon King,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, a true immortal, needs him and Xiao Demon King to take turns to help. Once the excavation can not stop day and night, no matter how long it takes to complete at one go, the disciples in the mountains need to take turns. Dig first and then build. Large stone strips are used to build the edge of the pit. One disciple builds the stone and casts a spell to lock the earth gas from the immortal family at the same time. The other disciple uses the magic power to disturb it. If the earth gas can move, the disciple who builds the stone will be punished. If the earth gas can not move, the disciple who pushes the stone will be punished. Punishment is not heavy, back to the mountain retreat for three days, a good reflection on the inadequacy of the operation of magic. In the three mountains of Qingyi,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, there are the above disciples, who are divided into seven classes and two groups in each class. One shift a day will dig the hole in turn until it is completed. In this way of construction, the construction period of a small pit will be quite long. What's the use of it? Mei Zhenyi didn't say much. He only asked Liu Hai to tell his disciples that this was a rare opportunity to experience. Under the protection of the two immortals day and night, he tested the operation of his magic power. Where could he find such a good chance to practice? Only Mei Zhenyi knew in his heart that this was an attempt to break the geomantic omen laid by Shanwuwei. At the end of the air dragon vein in Jiulian Mountain, at the front of the "dragon spitting beads", a pattern of "dragon fetching water" was chiseled. In this way, although the two pagodas in front of Qingjiao Temple locked the shoulders of the dragon. But the operation of the Earth-Qi Miraculous Pivot is not stagnant. The "dragon ball" huff and puff as usual, so that the "permanent Bureau of immovable rivers and mountains in all directions" can never take shape. The shape of this pit is only a "false Bureau". Still need the means of the last point of sunshine, this geomantic Bureau is embedded in the dragon vein of Jiulianshan. Only in this way can it become a "real situation". Specific how to do is not entirely the size of the problem, Mei Zhenyi has not thought of a better means, first dig the hole into a "false Bureau" to say again. After explaining this matter, he said hello to the elders in the mountains before the retreat, saw Mei Yi, and then explained all kinds of things with Tiliuzhuan, Gu'er, Sui'er and others, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Theobromine Powder, and finally went to see Princess Yuzhen. This retreat is completely undisturbed, the location is in the stone niche behind the main hall on Fangzheng Peak, not to mention that outsiders will not even meet their families, the time to leave the pass should be at least a year before the two factions of Qingcheng and Guyun fight swords. Unlike others in the mountains, Princess Yuzhen is the only ordinary person who does not have the power to practice. With Mei Zhenyi for so many years, she felt very happy, almost nothing to be picky about, the only regret is that there is often a period of time not to see Lang Jun. But think of the world of those officials, the general of the war, the merchants of the journey, jade really feel nothing, not to mention Mei Zhenyi has immortal fun, since came to his side, jade really has not changed, as if the state of mind is also maintained in the young age. Mei Zhenyi came to the princess room, first chatted a few words about his son's situation, this month was grounded to go out, jade really want to see his son can go to Jingwu Villa.
He also mentioned that he was going to spend a year in seclusion. He was somewhat apologetic in his words. Yu Zhenwen said, "You are already an immortal. You should practice in an immortal family. Being accompanied by you in the mountains has already enabled me to enjoy this lifetime of immortality. Why should Mei Lang apologize?" The two of them said a few more private words, and Yuzhen jokingly said, "You have been practicing for decades before you become an immortal. And since I met you, I feel that I have been immortal. Life is short, and there is no trace of time." Mei Zhenyi said, "I can't help you live forever, but I can do this for you with my ability." Yu Zhen: "Since you have such great magical powers, if this means is popularized in the world, won't all the women in the world jump for joy?" Mei Zhenyi smiled and said, "I can do it for you alone. Others only wait for others. The classics of Tao can be spread all over the world, but the cultivation of Tao is a cautious and independent practice." Well, what kind of mirror is this? Yuzhen: "Last month, I sent it to Wuzhou in the middle of the lunar year. I gave some of it to the underground people of Yuzhen Temple. The rest of the things were put in the temple. There was only one silver bronze mirror that was interesting to immortals. So I brought it into the mountain. It was this mirror of the four gods and twelve zodiac signs." On the dressing table of Princess Yuzhen, there is a brand-new mirror, about the size of a dinner plate, made of bronze and silver, with a button in the middle of the back. The inner circle casts the totem of four gods and beasts, namely, blue dragon, white tiger, rosefinch and basalt, according to the orientation, symbolizing the phenological tour of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The outer circle is decorated with twelve zodiac relief statues, which are exquisite and unusual. Mei Zhenyi picked it up, played it thoughtfully, and did not put it down for a long time. Yu Zhen said curiously, "Mei Lang has become an immortal. How can he still be interested in this vulgar thing, not to mention a thing from his daughter's boudoir?" Mei Zhenyi shook his head and said, "It can't be said to be vulgar. When I saw it, I remembered a magic weapon." Yuzhen: "What kind of magic weapon?" Mei Zhenyi said, "It hasn't been formed yet,Thyroid Powder Factory, and I can't even refine it with my strength, but this mirror of the four gods and the twelve zodiac signs has made me realize something." Yuzhen said with a smile, "It's true that people who have heard of the Tao have come to realize everything. You can take it and watch it carefully." 。 pioneer-biotech.com

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