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"Don't worry." Seeing that everyone was nervous, Yang Wanchun said with a smile, "Lu Zhaoci wants to capture the city of Anshi. He can't do it without a hundred thousand good soldiers.". Even break through the city, we can also guerrilla, you know, Liaodong is our Koguryo Liaodong, here, we are the master, we have tens of thousands of military forces, swimming around, looking for each other's weakest position, launched a fatal blow to him, attacking each other's route for providing foodstuff, and even his rear Liaodong city back is possible. Lu Zhaoci's attack on Liaodong was a mistake, and it was a mistake to get into trouble with Yang Wanchun. Da Dui Lu has millions of troops. It is very difficult for Lu Zhaoci to defeat Da Dui Lu. As long as we drag him in Liaodong, we will win. Hum, it is not so easy to attack Koguryo next year. If not, it will be like the former Sui Dynasty, which attacked Koguryo three times, but failed. In the end, it also led to the boiling of domestic discontent. In the end, even the country was destroyed. Hum, at that time, I would like to see what ability Lu Zhaoci had to attack Koguryo. "Don't worry, General,Amber Dropper Bottles," Gao yuanshan said with a ferocious smile. "It's impossible for Lu Zhaoci to capture the city of Anshi without paying a price. I'll give him a taste of our Koguryo warriors. Let him no longer dare to look down upon our Koguryo warriors. "Yes, big brother, even if we lose, we will knock out one of his teeth." Yang Wanxia also said loudly. OK Yang Wanchun was overjoyed and said, "Tell the brothers to have a good rest and let the civilian workers reinforce the walls day and night. I'd like to see what means you, Lu Zhaoci, have to attack the walls of our army.". Such a high wall, you Lu Zhaoci have to build a ladder to attack the city. "Yang Wanchun stretched out his head and looked at the city. He shook his head, took a stone and threw it down. He heard the sound of the stone falling to the ground and laughed. The other generals also let out a burst of laughter. The next day, the sky is bright,Serum Bottle With Dropper, the sun has slowly risen, which indicates that today will be a very good weather, but at this time the whole city of Anshi no one noticed all this, the sky over the city of Anshi is filled with a pressure, a huge murderous look over the city. They all seem to have a premonition of what, each prepare their own everything, the city head also ignited the boiling oil, gold juice and other things, the city head of the Koguryo soldiers have looked at the Tang army camp in the distance, is Yang Wanchun is also a military uniform, staring at everything in front of him. Subconscious, he can feel that today must be the day of Lu Zhaoci led a great army siege, yesterday, there is a Malay newspaper, Tang army camp, there have been hundreds of thousands of troops out of the camp, toward the south, Glass Cream Jars ,Blue Bottle Serum, this is more firm his judgment, big to Lugai Suwen has come with a great army to rescue AnShi city. As long as you can hold on to Anshi City for half a month, not only your life can be saved, but also Anshi City can continue to exist. But he also understood that the emperor of the Central Plains outside the city is not a simple figure, he will not allow the city of Anshi to continue to exist, will certainly attack the city of Anshi, is the biggest loss of the storm will appear on the battlefield. "At this time, a burst of rapid drums sounded, the clouds over the city of Anshi hit without a trace, the other camp has appeared in a variety of siege weapons, and let Yang Wanchun most surprised is that the other side also appeared rolling wood, which is strange, only when guarding the city appeared rolling wood, did not expect that when the siege will appear rolling wood, who do you want to hit?"? Yang Wanchun showed a hint of sarcasm at the corners of his mouth. This Lu Zhaoci is called the art of war, unexpectedly can do this kind of nonsensical thing, but the color of Yang Wanchun's face soon changed, yes, Lu Zhaoci this battle-tested figure, will do this kind of thing? Had it not been for the tall wall and the enhanced ladder being built in the other side's camp, the city of Anshi would have suffered heavy casualties in the first wave of the other side's attack, perhaps not even today.
Lu Zhaoci this kind of character will not do these useless things, that is obviously, these rolling wood has this great effect, but these things originally used to defend the city, in the end what is the role of Yang Wanchun frowned, how to think also can not think out. Big brother, what are they carrying these rolling logs for? Yang Wanxia also asked curiously, originally not only he was surprised, that is, other people are the same, do not understand, the other side is to place rolling wood for what purpose. A burst of restlessness suddenly emerged in Yang Wanchun's mind. Too strange, strange let Yang Wanchun heart actually have a kind of panic feeling. He stared at the Koguryo who carried the rolling wood, and he wanted to watch their every movement carefully, so that he could make the right choice at the last moment. Not only he is so, is everyone on the wall is so, from the general school, down to the soldiers and civilian workers are so. They all want to see why, as the attacking side, they are lifting these rolling blocks. Of course, they soon found out what these people were up to. Because these Koguryo people laboriously carried the rolling wood up to the mountain on the edge of the city. In an instant, countless rolling logs were piled up on the earth hill. Big brother, what do they want? Yang Wanxia asked in surprise. They wanted to use the properties of rolling wood to fill the gap between the earth hill and the wall. With a sneer at the corners of his mouth, Yang Wanchun said coldly, "I have to say, Lu Zhaoci is still a little capable. He actually came up with this way. See, when rolling wood rolls down from the earth hill, it will roll far away, even down to my wall. There is no moat in Anshi City, so they can quickly form a wooden passage under the wall." Then these rolling logs will be piled higher and higher, because of the two sides of the extrusion, the passage formed by these rolling logs is still very strong, there will be no slip, the other side's soldiers can rely on these rolling logs to easily kill, our wall,Oil Dropper Bottle, no wonder Lu Zhaoci can have such a great prestige, it is not unreasonable. With one hand alone, it's already very powerful. 。 penghuangbottle.com

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