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Seeing that he had no reaction at all, he stroked his cheek more boldly and gently, and then began to play with his hair again. The happiness in my heart is flowing happily like the water in a small stream, stirring up a layer of waves higher and higher. Fingers stroked his lips, the heartbeat suddenly slowed down a beat, thin, good-looking lips ah, must also be very delicious. She murmured in her heart that he should not know if she kissed him secretly. With this thought, the whole person and the whole body are boiling up. Just once, just secretly. Anyway, you don't know and you don't suffer losses. Besides, this is my first kiss. She thought to herself, and the deer jumped wildly. Look at the car curtain pulled well, Fu Shun should not see. Then he looked out of the window at the mountains and trees. Cough, she swallowed saliva, how to feel a little guilty of being a thief? Cut, originally should be my husband, the first kiss does not give you to who! If the last time I was robbed and kissed by someone else, I would regret it! Hey hey, I kissed oh, I really want to kiss oh, if you do not agree to now quickly open your eyes, hey hey, you did not open me when you are shy to agree! Liuli muttered in a low voice with a lewd smile on his face. Then he bent his head slowly, a little closer,heavy duty racking system, a little closer. She closed her eyes and felt the moment her lips touched Luo Xuan, the whole world was blank, and then began to turn into a beautiful light of five colors. Countless images of Luo Xuan flashed in front of her, and her whole hands and feet were numb. Recalling all the fragments and time when she came here with him, his every action and every word, her heart was wrapped in soft happiness. At this moment, she seriously found that she really fell in love with him, his people and everything about him. Not just because the glass brought her from then to the distant present, to his side. She swore in her heart that she would make him fall in love with her and stay by his side forever and ever. Happiness surged like a big wave,Warehouse storage racks, too fierce and fierce, and her heart began to twitch rapidly. Cold, soft, that is Luo Xuan's sacred and inviolable lips. Glass gently attached to the top, feeling his whole soul out of the body, straight to the sky, until nine days above, and then after an extreme stretch began to fall rapidly, as if riding a roller coaster, the body and mind are facing a kind of extreme pleasure of weightlessness. A brief kiss, as if there is magic, so that the glass is simply dark, gas and death. The body is crisp from the toes to the tips of the hair. Finally, unfortunately, his hands began to tremble and become weak, and then they went down feebly. The whole body was pressed on Luo Xuan. Luo Xuan's lips were invaded, and suddenly his body was attacked by a heavy object. He frowned and began to wake up slowly. Liuli was so frightened that she turned pale and hurriedly left reluctantly from his lips, long span shelving ,pipe cantilever rack, then hurriedly and gently climbed down from his body in a mess. His cheeks flushed and he gasped. It was so hot that she kept fanning herself with her hands, and when she saw that Luo Xuan was about to wake up, she couldn't figure out how to face it. He hurriedly lifted the curtain and sat side by side with Fu Shun on the stool outside driving the carriage. Fu Shun looked at her flustered, helpless, small blush like an apple, can not help but laugh: "How?"? Master Luo, is he awake? "No, I'm not awake. Come on, come on!" She stammered, "How long will it take to get to Songhe City?" Fu Shun couldn't help but burst out laughing: "Miss Liuli, how can you turn into the robber dwarf two days ago?"! Ha-ha Liuli glared at him angrily, stopped talking, and recalled the kiss just now, and his soul flew away. When Luo Xuan woke up, he sat down by the window and unconsciously pursed his lips. He had a strange feeling, but he didn't think any more. Seeing that the glass was not in the carriage, he lifted the curtain and poked his head out. Have you arrived yet? "No, Master Luo, right away. It's right ahead. Are you feeling better?"? Would you like to lie down again? I'm all right. After entering the city, find a place to rest, buy some food and supplies, and continue on your way tomorrow morning. "All right." Luo Xuan looked down at the glass, only to see that she had always made a lot of noise, but at the moment she was quiet, with her head lowered like a shy daughter-in-law.
Wait, is that, is that shy? Liuli was too nervous to look at him, and her cheeks were crimson against the sunset glow on the horizon, showing a bit of charm. Luo Xuan strangely returned to the carriage and sat down, and then began to exercise and breathe. The poor man did not know that he had been eaten in his sleep. The carriage rolled forward, reached the gates in an instant, and stopped. No, Master Luo, there are many officers and soldiers checking at the city gate. Luo Xuan lifted the curtain and looked at it, then looked at the wall and estimated the height. It shouldn't be a problem to fly there. Fu Shun stopped a man out of the city and asked what he was searching for. The man just looked at a loss and shook his head and said he didn't know. Then let's go into town after dark. Luo Xuan thought it would be better just in case, after all, two days ago, a person alone into the cottage to save people has exposed the whereabouts. Said, the carriage began to turn around, glass hurriedly sat in the carriage. And his head was low, far away from Luo Xuan. My Lord, there are two wagons turning around. Do you want to chase? Song Qinggong, dressed in a blue robe, sat leisurely drinking tea under the city wall. Then he slowly put down his teacup, looked up at the sky, and muttered to himself, "Well, are you coming.." Liuli Prajna Flower Text Acquaintances Meet The sword strikes the west wind and the ghost roars, and the harp plays the night moon ape. Half-drunk yuanming Kerenzhao, Nanlai Mountain is hidden. To the east, the waves go to Taotao, and the west river returns to the road. The carriage was quickly stopped, and a line of officers and men lifted the curtain, examined it carefully,Narrow aisle rack, and then began a stern interrogation. Fu Shun always bowed and bowed, smiling humbly and ingratiatingly. He replied that he was going to visit his relatives in Fuyang County. Passing by, he saw that the gate of the city was very strict. He was afraid of getting into trouble and wanted to take a detour. Then he quietly stuffed silver into the hands of the leader. omracking.com

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