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Original Title: Plant Extract Separation This Centrifuge Device Helps a Lot Today's article is primarily to share how to use tubular centrifuge equipment to separate useful ingredients from plants. It is said that nature has a peculiar healing function, which is true. Take onion, a common plant in our life, for example. It looks like an ordinary household vegetable,jacketed glass reactor, but it has high medicinal value, so it is deeply loved by many pharmaceutical and health care professions. Tubular centrifuge equipment is primarily separated from onion extract. First of all,rotary vacuum evaporator, let's understand the primary function of onion. Therapeutic function: 1. Prostaglandin contained A, it can reduce blood viscosity, blood pressure and peripheral vascular resistance; 2. Sulfide content Has effect in weeding through that old to br forth the new, hemp extraction centrifuge ,decarboxylation after extraction, reducing blood lipid, resisting arteriosclerosis, and suppressing gastric canc, esophageal cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer; Health care function: Refreshing, relieving stress, preventing colds, preventing osteoporosis. Beauty function: 1. Rich in vitamins C. Nicotinic acid can eliminate free radicals in vivo, promote the formation of intercellular substance and the repair of damaged cells, and make the skin smooth and elastic; 2. Sulfur content Vitamin E and so on, may organize the unsaturated fatty acid production pigment, then guards against the senile plaque and so on. So,50l rotovap, how does the tubular centrifuge equipment make it useful? The primary principle is that the onion extract enters through the liquid inlet at the bottom of the tubular centrifuge, a centrifugal force field is formed in the process of high-speed operation of the centrifuge, and components with different specific gravities in the onion extract can be separated by centrifugal force. How about it? Is it easy to operate. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com

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