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Original title: From "the hometown of tailors" to "the capital of women's trousers" — — the road to a strong town in Maozui A fragrant stewed chicken It once made Maozui Town of Xiantao City famous. And because there were a lot of people here Rely on tailoring skills to support their families It is also called "the land of tailors". Click to watch the video Today's hairy mouth One more title to call the whole country. "Capital of Women's Trousers" Today Let's visit Maozui town together. From "the land of tailors" to "the capital of women's trousers" The road of transformation. Expand the full text In the village history museum of Guti Village, you can see many tools that tailors often used in the early years: sewing machines, irons, painting powder, cutting pieces, wooden rulers, tape measures, scissors, etc. These are all tools that a tailor should master skillfully. In the past, many young people in Maozui countryside and surrounding areas stepped on sewing machines as tailors. When the spring breeze of reform and opening up blew here, they gradually went out of the countryside from helping villagers make clothes,bespoken tape measure, one by one, one by one, some went to Hanzheng Street in Wuhan, some went to Shahe in Guangzhou, but they still did their old jobs,mini tape measure, stepping on sewing machines and tailoring. Hairy-mouthed tailors set up their own business The processing workshop was upgraded to a processing plant. In the past twenty or thirty years, the craftsmanship of Maozui tailors has become more and more refined, and many tailors in the early period have gradually accumulated primitive experience, and have set up their own garment processing workshops, which has led more people to join the ranks of garment making. With the rapid development of the national economy, the garment processing workshops of Maozui tailors have gradually been upgraded to garment processing factories. Hairy-mouthed tailors return in large numbers Drive more people to return home and start businesses The first year that hair-mouth tailors returned in large numbers was in 2010. At that time, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other cities were undergoing industrial transformation, seamstress measuring tape ,custom tape measure, and the garment processing industry was facing transfer. Maozui Town Party Committee and Government decided to seize the opportunity quickly and let Maozui tailors return! Deng Xiaohai was the first representative of Maozui tailors to return. With the support of the town government, Deng Xiaohai quickly completed the planning, land use and other procedures required for the construction of the factory. The 30,000 square meters factory building with an initial investment of more than 20 million yuan was soon completed and put into operation. Be a good "bartender", serve the returning boss, and put yourself in the position of the returning tailor, so that the ordinary tailors who follow the return of the boss can work in the garment factory at ease, because they can take good care of the elderly and children nearby. Their return also allows more bosses to return home and start businesses. Maozui Garment Industrial Park has gradually formed. By 2013, the clothing Pioneer Park with Wenmiao Village as its core had taken shape. Maozui Town took advantage of the situation to increase investment, attract a group of garment owners in Wuhan to return home, and expand the garment industry park in Gudi Village with better comprehensive conditions. Since then, the Maozui Garment Industrial Park, with the Confucian Temple and the ancient embankment as its core areas, has gradually formed. Establishment of garment industry associations and Party branches Under the leadership of the Party Committee and the government, Maozui Garment People set up the Garment Industry Association, and we are closely United to work towards the same goal. At the same time, Maozui Garment Industrial Park has also established seven Party branches. Party branches are built in enterprises and associations, and Party branches and Party members give full play to their exemplary leading role, which promotes the high-quality development of Maozui Garment Industrial Park. Radiation drives the surrounding towns Strive to Build Xianxi Garment Industry Cluster Now in Maozui Garment Industrial Park, there are many garment factories, with busy orders and orderly production. On this land covering 2300 mu, there are more than 350 garment enterprises with more than 28000 employees, which can produce more than 100 million pairs of women's trousers annually, with an annual output value of more than 9 billion yuan. Maozui takes casual women's trousers as its representative work, and the garment industry has formed a tripartite pattern with Guangzhou jeans women's trousers and Zhejiang Yiwu body-building women's trousers, which is well deserved as "the capital of Chinese women's trousers". Today, Maozui Town is taking garment processing as its characteristic advantage,printed tape measure, radiating and driving the surrounding towns such as Chenchang, Zhengchang and He, and striving to build Xianxi garment industry cluster. Source: Xiantao TV Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com

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