Immortal inverse

  • 11 ноября 2022

As for Gui Yi Zong, it pays attention to the practice of the five elements, and has its unique skill of forging armor, which is well-known. Under the two major sects of Gui Yi Zong and Da Hun Men, there are many scattered small sects scattered throughout Tianniu Island, each of which is under the control of Gui Yi and Da Hun Men. Like worshipping, they send out similar offerings every once in a while. At that time, the Qidao Sect of Qicai Xianzun was one of such sects, but because it formed a double monastic couple with the disciples of the Great Soul Sect, it was sheltered by the Great Soul Sect in Tianniu Island, and there was also a reason why it was valued by the Great Soul sect because of its amazing talent. Only in the last few decades, Gui Yi Zong was at the height of his power, and a core disciple, Yun Yifeng, appeared in it. It was said that he had been in seclusion for a long time. After leaving the pass, he became extraordinary. He challenged several core disciples of the Great Soul Gate and won all of them. Even the ordinary elders of the Great Soul Gate were no match for him. As a result, this cloud Yifeng reputation doubled, faintly became the first person in the new generation of disciples of Tianniuzhou! There are even people who put him side by side with the original existence of the four Tianjiao in Dongzhou, called the Five Mountains together! But this Yun Yifeng is very modest, often when someone compares him with Dongzhou Four Tianjiao, he will shake his head, not to feel inferior, but to the so-called Four Tianjiao, very contemptuous. For a long time, ten years ago,tile trim factory, in a competition between Gui Yi Zong and the Great Soul Gate, Yun Yifeng swept a sword, injuring nine disciples and three elders of the Great Soul Gate. At that time, when someone was once again juxtaposed with him as the Four Great Tianjiao of Dongzhou, he said a sentence that shocked all the sects of Tianniuzhou. My sword, can seriously hurt a lot of people, even the four Tianjiao, I dare to fight with it, although the outcome is uncertain,stainless steel edging strip, but it will not let me retreat half a step! But between heaven and earth, there is a monk who has only practiced Taoism for more than two thousand years. I stand in front of him. I dare not use my sword! Do not say that I, even if the four days of pride, in front of it, also deserve to be called pride? In my opinion, in this world, among the new generation of monks, no one is his opponent! This sentence stirred up a thousand waves and caused an uproar. All the people who heard it were shocked, and the same thoughts kept coming to their minds. Who is this man! Who can let Yun Yifeng say such words, let him in front of that person, unexpectedly dare not sword! And only repair more than two thousand years, can do this, if all this is true, then the so-called Dongzhou four Tianjiao, indeed, do not deserve to be called sedan chair in front of that person! This sentence caused an uproar at the same time, but also questioned by countless people, but all the words of doubt, metal trim manufacturers ,china tile trim, but none from the Great Soul Gate, it seems that the disciples of the Great Soul Gate, know this person in general! This strange change, once again for this time the uproar, raised to a very high level, the silence of the Great Soul Gate, seems to have opened all kinds of speculation for countless monks of other sects! Who is this man?! He can let the cloud Yi seal dare not out of the sword, can let the four Tianjiao do not deserve to be called sedan chair, can let the big soul door after hearing, without the slightest refutation, as if acquiesced in this heaven and earth, there is indeed such a person! Even in the same clan, there was no sound when his disciples said such words, just as they knew there was such a person! This man, who is he?! "He will appear, and when he appears, you will know!" This is about this mysterious him, the last words in the mouth of Yun Yifeng. Although several years have passed, the rumors about this mysterious man have not dissipated in Niuzhou on this day, especially after word of mouth, the evolution has become more and more intense. Itsanitized_by_modx& #39s just that this is a question without an answer, and the people who know the answer, they donsanitized_by_modx& #39t say anything! After a longer time, this rumor is gradually no longer intense, slowly hidden in the hearts of all the people who heard, perhaps one day, they can know who this person is. Canglong Zong is a middle-level clan in Tianniu Island. Its mountain gate range is comparable to half of Kunxu Star Domain. For the monks in Dongfu, although it is not as good as Leixian Temple or Xiuzhen Alliance in those years, it is also a giant, but in the mainland of Xiangang, it is general. It is said that there are thirty thousand immortals in the mainland of Xiangang. The truth is unknown, but it is true that each sect is very different. Although the name of Canglong Sect is related to the dragon, in fact, the skills practiced by its disciples have nothing to do with the dragon. Most of the disciples of the Canglong Sect are good at using puppets, which can be used as a means to develop magical powers. Entry-level disciples often need to refine their own puppets before they can go out and walk. As for puppets, they are also graded, with different powers. The best of them, in addition to some special wooden organs, are the bodies of some fierce beasts or monks, which can also be refined into puppets. This art is not mysterious, and most of the monks of each sect have some skills, but the puppet art of Canglong Sect has another magic, which can be transformed with its body in order to achieve the eternal goal. It is said that Canglong Zongxiu was the first person to reach the beginning of the air plunder. Taishang elder Du Qing was a wooden man. He looked like an ordinary person at ordinary times, but once he displayed his magical powers, he could clearly see his wooden body. In Tianniuzhou, the Canglong Sect is notorious, and most of its disciples, together with the elders inside, use various means to get what they need, not to mention killing and seizing treasures. Just because the Taishang elder Du Qing had a deep relationship with the Great Soul Gate, he ran amuck in Niuzhou this day, and few sects dared to provoke him. And the people and sects killed and robbed by Canglong Zong will also make a choice. If it is inconvenient to provoke, they will avoid it. Part of their main target is also placed on the people of other continents, if there are monks from other continents passing through the longicorn, it is their best target. For a year,aluminium tile trim profiles, many of the disciples of this sect were wandering outside, searching for all kinds of information and reporting back to the sect. If there was an enemy that could not be eaten by one person, they often gathered their fellow disciples together. jecatrims.com

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