Ling Duyu Series-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

  • 11 ноября 2022

Ling Duyu was greatly surprised and thought to himself that this was the truth. But I cansanitized_by_modx& #39t help thinking that other enemies will appear and fight back at any time, so we must make a quick decision. "Where is the God of Light?" Asked Ling Duyu. Under hypnosis, the old man fell into a confused state. He closed his eyes and said slowly, "It can appear anywhere, but its divine body is enshrined in the divinity of the spaceship." Ling Boyu felt a shock in his heart. Was it really an alien from outer space who came to the earth with the spaceship. He hit the snake with a stick and said, "Are the people it found there?" The old man shook and showed a struggling look. Ling Duyu did not dare to relax and said, "Is it also in the spaceship?" The old man was in a daze, nodded and said, "Yes!" "Where is the spaceship?" Asked Ling Duyu. At this time, he was also nervous, assuming that the old mansanitized_by_modx& #39s answer was out of the sky, even if he had the support of NASA behind him, he was afraid that he would be at a loss. "Yes," said the old man. Mutant protrusion. It was dark all around. You cansanitized_by_modx& #39t see your hand. Ling Duyu secretly scolded, an arrow step to the old man, according to his estimate, must be easy to catch, first, the other side is subject to hypnosis, mind chaos, and second, with his skill,stainless tile trim, even if the other side is as strong as an ox, also can not escape his hands, let alone an elderly man. He knew immediately that he was wrong. The old man was not in that position. How could this be possible? His keen sense of hearing told him clearly that there was no wind from anyone moving, including the enemy lying on the ground, and he moved quickly, with no one around him. In Ling Duyusanitized_by_modx& #39s horror, the wind on the left pressed the body, Ling Duyu did not say a word,stainless steel tile trim, an ancient hook to the other side. The other side skill is very good, one side head evades his iron fist, low drink a way: "It is me!"! Jin Tong! Ling Boyu was embarrassed to close his fist. Fortunately, it was the darkness that could not be seen. Just now, he was extremely shocked and lost his due calmness. The two men in distress are together again. "Do you remember the location of the gate?" Said Jin Tong in a low voice. Ling Duyu did not answer the rhetorical question and said, "Have you informed the police?" Jin Tong said: "The telephone is disturbed, and our enemy is in the lead. Even such an advantage can be disintegrated in an instant." He snorted twice. His character was so strong that he would never give up, but he was discouraged in the face of successive setbacks. "Come with me," said Ling Duyu. He rushed forward, thinking that as long as he stuck to the wall, he could not find the exit. The two of them screamed together! Stumble backward. It turned out that within three steps, they had covered the hard stone wall together. This is impossible. They have been moving in the center of the hall. The nearest wall is at least forty or fifty feet away from them. How can they hit the wall after only two steps. Followed by "Boom!"! Boom! Two, mixed with two peoplesanitized_by_modx& #39s screams, originally they only retreated two steps, the back also hit a hard wall. The whole space was completely changed without their awareness. The two men heard each othersanitized_by_modx& #39s breathing, aluminium edge trim ,tile profile factory, apparently in extreme shock. Soft light, slowly lit up, a moment ago or only visible, a moment after the two people can not open their eyes. The light was so strong that it transformed all matter, including their clothes and bodies, into objects without substance. Under the dazzling white light, the two of them were in a square corridor of twelve feet. The corridor extends horizontally to the left and right sides. Ling Duyu looked at Jin Tong, who had a look of horror in his eyes. Ling Boyu has a little pleasure, Jin Tong always does not believe in strange forces, this is enough for him to enjoy. With his earlier experience, he has greatly enhanced his ability to change. Ling Duyu stood up and said, "Brother, left or right?" Jin Tong took a big breath and managed to stand up. "Isanitized_by_modx& #39m sorry," he said! They searched everything I had on me. I didnsanitized_by_modx& #39t have a copper coin, so I couldnsanitized_by_modx& #39t make a decision. Ling Duyu seemed to suddenly remember something and murmured, "Left, right, left?"? Or right? Is that what you mean? Jin Tong encountered strange things here, early dizzy, do not distinguish things, Ling Duyu these words, he is even more confused, he did not know that this is Ling Duyu think of Adamia said, "why only the development of the left, not the right", naturally enough to understand. Ling Duyu did not waste time to explain. He walked to the right and said, "Letsanitized_by_modx& #39s bet on the lottery.". ” Jin Tong shrugged his shoulders and followed Ling Duyu to the right of the corridor. I donsanitized_by_modx& #39t know where the light came from, but there was no heat at all, but it was quite cool. The two of them ran more and more slowly in the silent corridor. Finally, Jin Tong could not support himself. He stopped leaning against the wall and said, "I want to have a rest." The promenade seemed to have no end. Ling Duyu was about to reply when the bright light began to darken, and he did not return to the darkness for a moment. The two men were still in shock, and a little light came on in the distance. "Thatsanitized_by_modx& #39s the exit," cried Jin Tong. One end of the passage shed soft sunlight. It was like two survivors languishing on a desert island, seeing the rescue flotilla. Ling Duyu jumped up first and cheered: "Come on!" Jin Tong followed desperately. The light of the exit is getting wider and wider, showing that they are approaching the exit rapidly. The two men finally came to the exit and stopped suddenly. The strong sunlight came in from the outside, so that they could not see the scene outside the exit. At the end of the exit, there is a large glass, which closes the whole exit. Jin Tong knocked on the glass a few times. His disappointed face showed a look of excitement. "The glass is not thick," he exulted. Ling Duyu nodded to him, and the two of them had a tacit understanding. They stepped back a few steps together, and then rushed to the big glass sealing the exit with their shoulders. Splash of glass.. The whole big glass tile came down. The two men stumbled forward, and with great momentum, they rolled to the ground. The sound of people shouting and cars was heard all around. Horrified, the two men found themselves slumped in the middle of a busy street in Manhattan, and passers-by all around looked at the two of them with shouts and shouts. It was noon, and there was broken glass all over the place. Ling Jin looked at each other, looking in the direction of the exit of the passage,stainless steel tile edge trim, there was only a large piece of broken glass, but there was no exit, that was just a question about the floor glass of the bookstore!. jecatrims.com

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