A big country has no boundaries

  • 11 ноября 2022

Although there is no wall to stand thousands of feet, but under the steep cliff is a huge pit, one side of the pit is a huge cave, dark can not see anything clearly, listening carefully can feel the chirping of those bats, fully investigated and inspected the troops, the reason why they chose here is because they went deep into the cave. There are natural caves with an area equivalent to the size of a basketball court, and if you continue to go deep underground, you can find an underground river. The natural cave has enough concealment, at the same time has a huge mountain as a cover, enough to withstand repeated bombing by heavy bombers, and the trees around the cave entrance are extremely difficult to find, even if the incendiary bomb is thrown directly in the pit, it can not consume the air in the cave, because even the local hunters can not be sure. In any case, the air inside the cave was kept dry at all times, and with a large enough area, the cave became the main hiding place for the infantry regiment. In just a few hours, the infantry regiment managed the natural cave. Previously, they were afraid to make a fire to cook and boil water because they were afraid of exposure. Now, with enough firewood in the cave,7g Ozone Generator, the Indonesian soldiers, who were wet, tired and hungry, could finally make a fire to cook, boil water and bake clothes. More than three thousand troops poured into the cave, but it did not seem crowded. After arranging for the guard troops to guard around the cave, the communication soldiers of the infantry regiment headquarters had just set up the communication radio station, but when they turned it on,alumina c799, there was still a sizzling noise of electricity. It was impossible to get in touch with their division headquarters, let alone with Indonesia. The electricity generated by the small diesel generator was only used by the regimental headquarters.In the marching tent set up, the regimental commander Su Gulu frowned, and the communications soldiers had repeatedly tuned their frequencies, but they were unable to get in touch with the division headquarters.In order not to expose their position, they had to quickly turn off their phones. I donsanitized_by_modx& #39t know how the division headquarters is. Su Gulu was very anxious, and shortly after withdrawing into the mountains, the rear troops reported a powerful explosion in the direction of Pontianak, and before that, there was an air battle over Pontianak. Indeed, it was an air battle. With the analysis of the words reported by the rear troops, they did see the aircraft painted with the Indonesian Air Force logo exploded in the air, and the weapons attacking them were very similar to the precious rockets in the infantry regiment. But in any case, Su Gulu suppressed the news, and in his heart, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,Kamado bbq grill, he had already prepared for the worst. Isanitized_by_modx& #39m afraid the whole secret air base has been bombed into ruins, right? Su Gulu picked up the kettle, poured a few mouthfuls, took a glance at the busy staff officers, and felt cold in his heart. The air superiority of the Republic is incomparable. When he was studying at the Republic Army Academy, there were not many things he could touch. The Chinese were not fools, and good things would not be handed over to other races. But Su Gulu was very careful to find that the Republic Army was very powerful, and their air force was even more incomparable. When he received the order to deploy the whole division to Borneo, he guessed that one day there would be a war with the Republic, so every day since he was stationed in Borneo, before he went to bed, he would recall the powerful airlift force of the Republic that he had seen during his study in the Republic, and then guess how strong the real strength of the Republicsanitized_by_modx& #39s air force was. He would remind himself in the depths of his heart that once China and India confronted each other, the first thing he should pay attention to was air defense, otherwise, by bombing alone, his infantry regiment would be enough to fly apart and annihilate. So, when the division headquarters could not be contacted all the time, Su Gulu had to think about the worst. The air power of the Republic was so powerful that it could turn a whole Indonesian Air Force regiment into history in less than two or three hours. It would take a little effort to blow up an air base at most. So Su Gulu, who put down the kettle and closed his eyes tightly, was sure. The time has come for this war, which has no need to break out at all, to fight alone. Staff officers are still discussing how to obtain domestic air supplies. At present, the mountainous area where the infantry regiment is hidden is not far from Jakarta, Indonesia, and is completely within the airdrop range of Indonesian Air Force transport planes. But will the powerful and mysterious Republic Navy and Air Force make it easy for the Indonesian Air Force to carry out airdrops to its headquarters? Isanitized_by_modx& #39m afraid they will, because they will also airdrop, but the airdrops are heavy aerial bombs, completely razing the mountains and forests, rather than food, ammunition and other supplies. Subduing the enemy without a fight is the peak of the war. Su Gulu, who knows the military strength of the Republic, has not yet officially led the army to fight, but he backed out in his heart. This is a kind of sadness, and of course, a kind of helplessness. Standing up, Su Gulu walked to the map where the staff officers were busy. To tell the truth, what he didnsanitized_by_modx& #39t like most was the primitive jungle. The harsh environment was enough to devour a fresh life. In the vast mountains, sometimes there was no need for foreign enemies to attack, just siege and blockade, which was enough to make people crazy in the lifeless primitive jungle. Donsanitized_by_modx& #39t be a savage, and donsanitized_by_modx& #39t starve to death in the mountains. There were few options for Su Gulu. He did not have much capital to continue guerrilla confrontation with the Republic in the mountains. During his study at the Republic Army Academy, he understood that one of the foundations of guerrilla warfare was to have a sufficient popular base. Without extensive popular expenditure, the army would be unable to move. The so-called essence of guerrilla warfare -- "the enemy advances and we retreat, the enemy is stationed and we harass, the enemy retreats and we pursue, and the enemy is exhausted and we attack" -- is a good tactic to write on paper and talk about at meetings,ceramic welding tape, because it is simply empty talk on paper. The actual situation at present is that the Republic has completely controlled the air and sea control of Borneo, and has also cut off the contact between the Indonesian garrison troops in Borneo and its domestic forces. These troops will not be allowed to receive the slightest supply of materials in Indonesia, let alone be replenished. global-ceramics.com

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