The hall of elegance

  • 11 ноября 2022

When the doctor cleaned up the wound for Li Jing, Li Jing woke up, but because of emotional excitement, refused to rest in bed, even the infusion tube was pulled out, clamoring to go out to find Chutian. However, for such a long time, Li Jing had to go to work and take care of her sick daughter. She often had nightmares at night and had a bad rest. In addition, she was depressed. She ate very little and had insufficient nutrition. She could not satisfy the double consumption of spirit and physical strength. Her body was already in a state of extreme weakness. So when Li Jinggang struggled down from the hospital bed, he immediately fainted again. The doctor had no choice but to add a tranquilizer to Li Jingsanitized_by_modx& #39s medicine. When Yu Ming rushed to the hospital, Li Jing, who was receiving an infusion, had completely fallen into a deep sleep. Never mind, the doctor said it was weakness caused by excessive fatigue and malnutrition. Yu Ming came out of the ward and closed the door and said to Chu Tian, who was sitting outside the door waiting for him. Is it? Isanitized_by_modx& #39m relieved that your mother is really. If you donsanitized_by_modx& #39t come out, you will be frightened as soon as you come out. Chutian could not help but breathe a long sigh of relief. Yu Ming looked at Chu Tian, walked over, and sat down in the vacant seat next to him, "My mother." She went to the bar to find you,hot tub spa manufacturers, didnsanitized_by_modx& #39t she? Did she say something to you? Did she say something? I mean Chutian did not immediately answer, nor did he look at Yu Ming, but stared down at the ground. At the moment, his feelings and feelings for Yu Ming were too complicated, and Yu Ming was silent when he saw that Chutian did not speak. She said it. She said it all. I know everything. I also read the book of Yu Qing. Your mother said let me go to see Yu Qing, let me to her. Chutian finally opened his mouth to break the silence, "Yu Qing out of such a big thing,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, even if you do not want to let Min Qiao know, but also should tell me, should not hide.". If I had known.. . I wonsanitized_by_modx& #39t let you worry so much about the travel agency. I.. "I volunteered to help, so it doesnsanitized_by_modx& #39t matter.". Yu Qingsanitized_by_modx& #39s disease is a chronic disease, urgent also useless, slowly cure it, it is not a terminal disease, as long as the heart to think of ways to cure. You donsanitized_by_modx& #39t have to think about it! I should have known that my mother would find a way to find you. Itsanitized_by_modx& #39s always like this. The more you fear it, the more it will happen. Yu Ming couldnsanitized_by_modx& #39t help sighing faintly. "Where is Min Qiao? Is Min Qiao also present?"? She knows, too? Min-jo is not here, and she doesnsanitized_by_modx& #39t know anything yet. I was at the travel agency preparing for the opening ceremony tomorrow, but a waiter called me and told me that someone was waiting for me in the bar, and that the person said that she would not leave if she could not wait for me, and that she would wait forever. I had to drop what I was doing and run back in a hurry. I never thought it would be your mother. What can I say? My mother and I.. The two of us are like the South Pole and the North Pole, endless pool factory ,endless swim spa, day and night, always standing at the two ends of the world, never blending. Itsanitized_by_modx& #39s strange to say that I have her blood in my body, but for as long as I can remember, I havensanitized_by_modx& #39t had anything in common with her. Sometimes I am very disappointed with my mother, but even so, I still care about her, and I believe that she cares about me, but there is no moment between the mother and son who care about each other to understand each other, I do not know if this is a kind of sadness in life. Anyway, I feel terrible about my mom coming to you, I really do. Yu Ming, itsanitized_by_modx& #39s not that I hate Yu Qing because of Min Qiao, and itsanitized_by_modx& #39s not that I donsanitized_by_modx& #39t want to help. You know that Min Qiao and I cansanitized_by_modx& #39t be separated. If I go to see Yu Qing, itsanitized_by_modx& #39s not to save her at all, but to harm her. "Donsanitized_by_modx& #39t say it.". I understand that this matter has nothing to do with you. In addition, you must not let Minqiao know this matter, the travel agency is about to start business, you concentrate on doing things, do not involve energy for these. Yu Qing and my mother are all given to me, I will handle it, you can rest assured. How do you want to deal with it? If there is a place where I can be used.. . I mean, I cansanitized_by_modx& #39t do the kind of thing your mother wants me to do. But if you need anything else, Isanitized_by_modx& #39m sure I can. No, I really donsanitized_by_modx& #39t. Chutian, run your travel agency carefully. The future of you and Minqiao depends on it. Itsanitized_by_modx& #39s not easy to run such a big business. You are a man, so you should take more responsibility. I can see that Minqiao has placed great enthusiasm and hope on the travel agency. She has lost a dream. You have to find a way to help her realize it. Take good care of her and donsanitized_by_modx& #39t let her be wronged again. Shesanitized_by_modx& #39s been through so much, and shesanitized_by_modx& #39s looking forward to real happiness. "Yu Ming, I know yousanitized_by_modx& #39re right about Min Qiao." Letsanitized_by_modx& #39s keep some words in our hearts forever. In the past, I was too ignorant and shallow. For several months, I always wanted to apologize to you for the drunken words I said on the day of reunion, but I just couldnsanitized_by_modx& #39t let go of the mansanitized_by_modx& #39s face and felt very difficult to say. Today, I just took this opportunity to say it, and I also got a heart disease. And my mother is such a person that you donsanitized_by_modx& #39t have to take anything she says to heart. When shesanitized_by_modx& #39s better, Isanitized_by_modx& #39ll have a good talk with her. I believe that as long as I am willing to pay, I will be able tosanitized_by_modx& #39get through sanitized_by_modx& #39her ideological work. What you said when you were drunk. I donsanitized_by_modx& #39t blame you, really! And your mother went to my place today and I let her get hurt. Anyway, itsanitized_by_modx& #39s my responsibility. I donsanitized_by_modx& #39t know what to say. Isanitized_by_modx& #39m the one who should apologize. Then donsanitized_by_modx& #39t apologize to anyone. It seems too raw. I donsanitized_by_modx& #39t like this feeling. You may not know that every time I am with you, including Zhao yuan, Lingling, Minqiao and you, I am particularly afraid that you will be polite to me. Because it seems to me that politeness in attitude means alienation in feelings. To tell you the truth, I especially like the feeling when Zhao yuan plays and laughs with you,whirlpool bathtub, which is the realm of friendship I have been longing for for a long time. "Well, I wonsanitized_by_modx& #39t be polite to you in the future.". I will do what I say! "The travel agency will open tomorrow. There must be a lot of things to do. Go back quickly." "You really cansanitized_by_modx& #39t come to the opening ceremony?" Yes, there is a case. Hesanitized_by_modx& #39s going to court tomorrow. 。 monalisa.com

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