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  • 11 ноября 2022

"Boom!" The sound was like a loud bell, the earth trembled, and the young mansanitized_by_modx& #39s right foot turned into a stone covered with white silk. Even if it was only a step, it would shake the world, but there was no momentum on the stone. The captain is right. If you cansanitized_by_modx& #39t even conquer us, what kind of Pangu God of War is that? Wang Zhan in the future, what can you do? Might as well die. The white silk was flying, the stone was extending, and the young mansanitized_by_modx& #39s right foot was kicking directly at Meng Xiangsanitized_by_modx& #39s body, as if it contained tens of millions of fire. If it didnsanitized_by_modx& #39t explode, once it exploded, it would be shocking. Cole, stop. Sophie gave a cry of surprise, but she could not stop the attack of the stone. Deep into the micro-level strong, although the strength is not strong, but the body variant strong, atomic-level attack power, is no small matter. Meng Xiang instantly judged the strength of the strong man named Cole. The demonized body and majestic momentum shocked all the strong members of the Kingsanitized_by_modx& #39s reincarnation team in an instant. Meng Xiangsanitized_by_modx& #39s change moved everyone. Meng Xiang, who has not been demonized, is in the upper level of depth, but once demonized, he stands at the peak of the potential lock level 4, invincible in this class. Boom! Meng Xiangsanitized_by_modx& #39s fist was directly tied to the stone, and the atomic-level attack immediately spread out, attacking and breaking each other. In a moment,Wall Penstocks, it was like a high-voltage wire in the rain, "crackling and crackling" with sparks, ringing non-stop. Rumble! Ground subsidence, double B-level defense, but also difficult to withstand such heavy pressure. Fuck off Jiewang Fist broke out, and the energy hurricane suddenly swept the whole area. Gu Panpan has the protection of the amulet, and is naturally safe and sound, while one of the little nv of the kingsanitized_by_modx& #39s team exudes a full load of magic, forming a thick wall,Dissolved Gas Flotation, which wraps all the members of the kingsanitized_by_modx& #39s team to avoid being affected by the fishing pond. Pow! The yyù stone was broken, and Colesanitized_by_modx& #39s blood rròu came out of it. The blood rròu was like the roasted rrò u under the flame, burning into black charcoal in an instant, and the skin "rustled" off. The confrontation of atomic level attack ended with Meng Xiangsanitized_by_modx& #39s great victory. Cole jumped away as if he had met boiling water. The skin of his right tutu was scorched and peeled off constantly, and his muscles were red. However, he was physically deformed and strong. His external defense was not strong, but his muscles and bones were thoroughly tempered, so the injury was not serious. Hateful Cole was covered with white gossamer silk, like a silkworm chrysalis. The body of Tiancan has the shape of body change, and also has the tenacity as strong as gold steel. The purpose of turning into silkworm chrysalis is to accumulate strength. Once the chrysalis is broken out, the strength will have a qualitative leap in a short time. Cole, I told you to stop. Sophie gave a loud shout, and the momentum increased. Meng Xiang instinctively took two steps back, concentrating on his guard. Potential lock level 5 strong momentum is no small matter, Meng Xiang dare not have the slightest carelessness. Cole was stupefied, the silk on his body gradually disappeared, standing aside, no longer speaking, disc air diffuser ,Belt Filter Press, a pair of angry eyes, staring at Meng Xiang, a face unwilling to look. Meng Xiang, you are so powerful. I also told the truth, that aunt, called Nilun, she exchanged the dragon magic of heaven, and Neosanitized_by_modx& #39s fire dragon magic belongs to the same system. Nilensanitized_by_modx& #39s Dragon Magic, which uses the "Galloping Wind", "Power of Steel Wrist" and "Power of Armor", can increase the speed, strength and defense of a companion for a certain period of time. Now, do you know why there are other powers in me? Martindale told the secret without reservation, which made Meng Xiang a little surprised. Why are you telling me these things? Arensanitized_by_modx& #39t you afraid Isanitized_by_modx& #39ll kill the aunt? Meng Xiang asked tentatively. If you wanted to kill him, you would have done it already. Martindale saw through Meng Xiangsanitized_by_modx& #39s thoughts and said, "I value my companionsanitized_by_modx& #39s life more than anything else. However, if you are really the hope of the reincarnation world, I will let you go." "Oh, you mean, let me do it?" Meng Xiang was so clever that he understood as soon as he heard Martindalesanitized_by_modx& #39s words. As he said, if even the kingsanitized_by_modx& #39s reincarnation team can not avoid the pursuit, how can it be Pangu God of War? How is it possible that in the future, Wang Zhan will shake the reincarnation and compete with Zhengshen? "Hum, your strength is very strong, even if I am blessed by magic, I may not be your opponent.". However, the strongest player in the Kingsanitized_by_modx& #39s reincarnation team is not me, but Sophie. If you can get her approval, we will naturally be convinced. The magic of Martindalesanitized_by_modx& #39s body slowly receded and returned to its original momentum. In terms of momentum, Martindalesanitized_by_modx& #39s strength is not bad, although not as good as Ainilu, it has also reached the peak of depth into the micro level, and even has the opportunity to impact the potential lock level 5. !@# Chapter 773 of Van Helsing. [] Updated: 2012 839:45:35 Words in this Chapter: 4305 Inception Chapter 773 Flying Fairy Chapter 773 celestial flying fairy. "Thatsanitized_by_modx& #39s it." Meng Xiang turned his head and looked at Sophie with a smile on her face. With a faint smile, he said, "Such a lovely person, I dare not use a heavy hand." Sophiesanitized_by_modx& #39s face changed and she said, "What did you say?"? Repeat that? Murderous, diffuse, frightening. The strong men of the Kingsanitized_by_modx& #39s reincarnation team retreated one after another to take defensive measures. They knew that once Sophie fought, she would never leave her hands, and would even affect her companions. Ha ha, how dare I say that you have such an expression? Meng Xiang shouted loudly: "That aunt named Nilun, why donsanitized_by_modx& #39t you use magic to bless this beautiful woman?" "Hum, do I need blessing magic to deal with you?" Sophie drew a long sword from her waist, which was light and thin, but sent out bursts of cold light. Chixiao Sword, a-class magic weapon, the sword of the emperor, the person who submits to this sword must be the emperor who dominates one side. The sword itself does not have any extra power. The strong man who exchanges this sword must be full of confidence in his own strength. He can resist the sword with his strength, take the sword with his heart, and even be invincible with the combination of man and sword. Meng Xiang naturally knew the advantages and disadvantages of Sophie, but he had more confidence in his own strength, especially after the battle with the defenders of the passage, his strength was more consolidated, and even the time limit for launching the initial spiritual gathering was improved. The power of the first order of spiritual gathering is ready to move,Mechanical fine screen, Meng Xiangsanitized_by_modx& #39s momentum is soaring, although it has not erupted, but it has made the earth tremble. khnwatertreatment.com

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