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5 Best Stick Vacuums for Pet Owners in 2019

Almost everyone loves pets because they are adorable furry companions to enjoy at home. But unfortunately, pet hair might be one of the key causes of allergies or asthma to a large number of pet owners. Pets spend most of their time indoors, so they leave lots of hair on the surfaces of the sofa, bed, carpet, floor, even the car… dogs and cats tend to shed more hair in the Spring and Autumn.

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Maybe you think you need to purchase a bulky standard vacuum to clean all theanimal hair from every corner of each room in your home. But wait! We invite you to check out this article before making a quick decision. A stick vacuum for pet hair is a perfect problem-solving way for your home. We went through hundreds of top vacuum cleaner models for pets and compiled a short list that provides insights about the top five stick vacuum cleaners for pet hair. The information below will quickly help you choose the best one for you:

1. Shark Rocket HV302

The corded vacuum series from Shark Rocket are cheaper options for shoppers who need a good vacuum for pet hair. Shark Rocket HV 302 is less expensive even though it gets high ratings from users due to its good performance; continuously powerful suction, washable filter, and long lasting with low maintenance. It’s surely excellent for cleaning up pet hair.

Approximate cost: $100 - $150 (Amazon)

2. Shark Rocket HV382

Compared to other corded vacuum machines, Shark Rocket HV382’s cleaning power on bare floors is fantastic due to a motorized pet hair brush tool. It can work on non-floor surfaces around most corners easily like a stick vacuum with a long power cord. You don’t have to worry about battery level any longer because the extra power in the electric motor makes it more convenient. The only downside is that the Shark Rocket HV382 is not the best choice for allergy sufferers because it does not include any filter or sealed system.

Approximate cost: $250 - $300 (Amazon)

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3. Dyson V8 Absolute

The unit is affordable and a good value because of the useful tools, namely: a mini-motorized tool for effective hair removal, two brush rollers with a soft head attachment that work well on multiple surfaces. The machine also comes with a HEPA filter and a sealed system making it a good choice for allergy sufferers. The only consideration is its battery life if you have a big house. Despite that, Dyson V8 Absolute still offers a good value for vacuum users both in features and pricing.

Approximate cost: $300 - $400 (Amazon)

4. Dyson V10 Absolute

Longer running time and shorter battery recharge time make V10 superior to V8. Its roller cleaning head can work on all floor types with its powerful suction The V10 is ideal for using as a handheld vacuum because the handle is designed to be suitable for both left and right-handed users. Although the handle gets warm with continual use, the V10 still attracts a large number of buyers with great experience from one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market.

Approximate cost: $500 - $600 (Amazon)

5. Dyson V11

The V11 is the priciest model from Dyson’s cordless stick vacuum series. The machine has the most powerful suction and longest running time. Besides the higher price, the machine’s dust capacity is larger than the others. In spite of its cool features for pet vacuums, the V11 is quite a bit heavier which many vacuum users consider a downside compared to the other models.

We hope our best vacuum cleaner reviews  have helped you decide about the right model to purchase. Now you can look forward to enjoying your pet while still being able to clean up the pet hair more easily with your new vacuum.

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