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Bagged Vacuum Cleaners vs. Bagless Vacuum Cleaners, Which Is Better?

There are numerous different models of vacuum cleaners. However, when it comes to the core design, people usually think of two main models — bagged vacuums and bagless vacuums. They both function similarly – take in dirt and debris that need to be cleaned from the floors of your living space. Both designs will have several attachments, accessories, and extensions included. These additional parts will make them somewhat different. Therefore, the question posed here is:

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Bagged vacuums and bagless vacuums, which one is better?

From the first days they were designed, all vacuums had no bags. Then companies started introducing paper bags as a more efficient option to reduce the amount of dust significantly! People typically try to get bagless vacuum cleaners for two reasons:

1 – Users don't want to spend too much money on vacuum bags.

2 – Users want the amount of dust to be reduced, and this is where the HEPA filter combined with bagless vacuums comes into the picture.

There is no denying the handiness of HEPA filters. However, users need to change this kind of filter once a year at the minimum (or more frequently if there are pets or small children in your house). HEPA filters also aren't cheap; their prices range from $30 to $60 each. When using paper bags for some vacuums, spending that much is nearly impossible. Therefore, you'll be able to save money with bagged vacuum cleaners.

Do you want less dust in your house? Imagine it being similar to your home's trash cans; are you familiar with using trash can liners? Obviously yes! A trash can liner is an option that provides more sanitary collection, and it ensures the waste is isolated from the areas you want to keep them away from. When a bag of vacuum debris is thrown out, the dust particles and dirt are kept isolated, removing any chance of the particles being released back onto the surfaces where you vacuumed.

Meanwhile, dumping the bagless canister vacuums will have different results. Micron filtration vacuum cleaner bags can help keep the vacuum's inside surfaces clean and the air dust-free. They also keep down odors, including pet odors.

Should I get an upright vacuum or a canister vacuum?

Upright and canister vacuums serve two different purposes.

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Carpet flooring is what uprights are specifically made to clean. The motors of these models are designed to break down dirt (agitation) by turning the brush roll as a priority to suction. They are made in a way that helps rid the carpet of dirt and debris and makes the particles go into the vacuum.

On the other hand, more suction is what canisters tend to possess, and they are the most effective when cleaning bare floors, furniture, stairways, and cars.

Is a HEPA filter essential in vacuums?

HEPA - High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter. All vacuum cleaners without a bag have to be equipped with this particular filter. This filter prevents the dust and dirt from being shot right back into the air of the area where you're vacuuming. Some vacuum bags are micro-lined, keeping over 95% of the dirt contained. Therefore, if you own a bagged vacuum cleaner, you won't probably need to get a HEPA filter.

Some experts believe that the best vacuum cleaners in production are vacuums with micro-lined bags that are disposable with smaller filters to help further cut down the particles (and possibly allergens) that may get out. Over time, the money spent on bagless vacuum cleaners seems to be more than that of a bagged vacuum.


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The best machines are designed so the motor comes after the micro-lined bag when it comes to air-flow. This function results in isolating the motor's fan from dirt, pine needles, rocks, etc.


Whether you should buy a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner depends on the type of surface you are going to clean. Some paper bags help the consumers save money, yet still maintain a high level of cleaning.

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