Top 12 New Checklist For The Final Essay Draft

  • 16 сентября 2020

The final draft is the last and final version of your essay. The journey from the initial to the final draft can be a few to several steps, with each draft a step in the final direction. Each draft adds new information to the essay while snipping that which is redundant.  


A professional essay editor can help one in perfecting the essay and helping towards creating a final draft. A free essay writer and editor online can also guide you with the essay editing process. Most of the time we are our own editors and reviewers. It is, therefore, important to have a guideline that helps us arrive at a final draft that is strong in every aspect.






Is the thesis statement clear and evident?

The thesis should be prominent in the introduction paragraph, where the general background information going from general to specific leads us to the thesis statement. The statement itself should explicitly state a claim and propose to defend it using sound and backed arguments. 


Does the thesis hint at the answer to the essay question?

The essay should work to answer the essay prompt while showing the readers why the answer to the question is worth the readers’ attention. This too is presented in the thesis by taking an essay writing service.  


Is there a road map available?

The thesis in highlighting the main arguments and claims provides an outline for the essay. The thesis statement in the latter part states the various claims that will support the central thesis. It defines the content of the body paragraphs 


Is there a topic sentence present with each paragraph?

There should be a topic sentence introducing the argument that the paragraph will address. It works as a guide for the reader to know beforehand what the writer will present. The topic sentence should come at the start of a body paragraph; different placement of the topic sentence will only go to confuse the reader about the contents of the paragraph.


How strongly does the evidence support your claim?

Identifying the evidence and examples that serve to support your arguments is not enough. You should check if the evidence is strong or not. The evidence that can be derived from various positions and fields, and that which has various sources to back it up, is always a piece of strong evidence that cannot be countered.  


Do your arguments back your thesis?

Each argument should back your thesis. You should make sure that the outline in the thesis contains the specific arguments that will back your thesis. And these arguments only should form the body paragraphs. 


Are the counterarguments well represented?

The arguments and the write my essay thesis is only strengthened by counter-arguments. By brainstorming for counter-arguments and demonstrating your arguments’ superiority over them, you are convincing the reader about your arguments. 


However, if the counterargument seems to overpower the argument in the paragraph, then it is better to tweak the main thesis to absorb the counter.  


Is there proper transitioning and the use of signposts?

The flow of logic should be used to transition between the various stages of the college essay, while signposts should tell them about the parts in the paragraphs.


Does the conclusion come about naturally?

Is there a correct use of citations?

The citation should be used properly in-text and in the footnotes. 


Did the essay undergo proofreading?

You should proofread the texts for any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It’s useful to speak the sentences out loud as the hearing catches what your sight misses. 


Did someone else assess your essay?

It’s important to make sure that the essay is reviewed by a peer of an online essay writer. As at times unfamiliarity with the text allows others to catch mistakes in style, structure, and writing. 


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